Streetscape so far does not impress

Reader Input
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Every time I navigate through our new “Streetscape,” a revised version of the Christmas carol runs through my head: “It’s beginning to look a lot like Roseville!” During its earlier construction phases, I was supportive, commenting to any and all, “Yes, it’s awful now, but be patient. It will be just wonderful when it’s finished.” Well, I’m afraid not. The parking spaces being “carved” into the curbing appear to be as unwieldy and problematic as they are along Vernon Street in Roseville following their “Streetscaping” – and, there seems to be fewer of them than before – or maybe there won’t be any parking along the street? It’s hard to tell at this point. And, how will this affect the little businesses along the way? And another thing: Whose unthinking, callous idea was it to plant a tree from Oregon — to the tune of $3,000? Are there no native California trees available? Or is there some law prohibiting the transplanting of one of our local, Placer County trees? I cannot believe there could be any actual reason for this obtuse idiocy. Nancy Lange, Auburn