Stupid drivers come in all ages

Reader Input
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Wow! “Calif. seniors may be at risk on the road, study says” (Journal, Feb. 26). No! Wait! Every driver of every age is a risk on the road when they are not following the rules of the road. I see more “other age” drivers than seniors do stupid things while driving. The list is endless. Stupid drivers not following the posted speed limit. Stupid drivers not following the suggested speed limits on curves. Come on, people! The speed limits are there for a reason. Then the stupid drivers not making complete stops at stop signs. Did you not learn what a stop sign means in your driver training class? There are also the signs “No right turn on red light” at some intersections. The stupid drivers can’t read or understand what that means. Why are they still allowed on the road? How long has “don’t drink and drive” been around? Stupid drivers of any age are still drinking and driving. I survived a head-on crash with a DUI driver. I’m alive only because of the safety of the school bus and I buckled up but didn’t have to as an aide. I have lost count of “close calls” with stupid drivers talking on the cellphone or texting while driving. Will they learn a lesson after they kill someone because of their stupidity? The decades of pulling a horse trailer and all the stupid things those stupid drivers would do around me. Then the 3-1/2 years of driving a yellow school bus. My goodness! The drivers are even “stupider” around buses and semis. The list is endless on what stupid drivers do. If they can’t pay attention while driving and follow the rules of the road, then they need to be taken off the road. Period! My soap boxes are endless! SALLY PALMER DAWLEY, Auburn