Such language before Easter

Reader Input
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This is in answer to Dee Nann’s tirade, and use of bad language in her letter, dated April 9, mentioning my name.
My letter (April 2) was trying to ask questions about an individual who aspires to be president. Your letter went on to inform me as to what political party I belonged, how many languages your in-laws speak and how hard they work.
Why? I don’t know. Finally, you go on to call my president some ugly names. All this bad language on the day before Easter? Well, hopefully by now you have read the wonderful letter by Dan and Karen Tajbl titled, “Civil dialogue for city society,” (Reader Input, April 11), a very well-written letter, we should all abide by.
Two last things to mention: first, may the good Lord bless you, your family and our president. Finally, yes, I am a Democrat, a Placer County liberal democratic patriot for President Barack Obama.
Ed Saiz, Auburn