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Supes must listen to public on concrete plant

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Our county supervisors are not listening! County Supervisor Jim Holmes recently stated that the concerns of the Ophir-area residents need to be heard, but “we (county supervisors) also need to explain the rights of the proponents of the plant.” Boy does that sound familiar, we don’t know what’s good for our area until they tell us. What he is referring to is the proposed Livingston Concrete Batch Plant on 4.9 acres on Ophir Road. When approved, the plant will at minimum production use 10,000 gallons of well water a day, have a minimum of 60 trucks a day entering and exiting the plant onto Ophir Road and will use a septic system rather than a sewer system. It will also produce a noise level that well exceeds any noise level currently in the area and air pollution of diesel and chemical components. It will include a 57-foot-tall batch tower, office building, warehouse, 15,000-gallon water storage, plus other possible structures. They are completely disregarding the Ophir Community General Plan that was created with the county in 1983, that stipulates that the Ophir Road corridor be a light commercial/industrial area, yet the county shows that the proposed plan for the Concrete Batch Plant is Heavy Industrial. The county has mitigated all the concerns raised by the residents of Ophir by using an EIR that refers to reports on file rather than the actual area. Please help us get our supervisors to listen. Attend the hearing on Feb. 5 at the Planning Commission Room 3091 County Center Dr. Auburn. Don Huber and Lynn Zacharias Ophir