Taxpayers suffering in silence too long

Reader Input
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I have much respect for the senior community. At 57 years old, I am a budding senior, myself. I am uneasy with a persistent trend in California — the ever-expanding number of programs — duplicative programs, expensive programs for endless real, and perhaps imagined, needs. Kingdom building, if you will. Taxpayers are now outnumbered by non-tax payers in California. I am in the former camp, a minority. As a taxpayer, I urge agencies, both private and public, to do the best job possible with limited funds. In the private sector, I donate to the Salvation Army, in Auburn, the gold standard of assistance and compassion. In the public sector, taxes go to the Placer County Tax Collector. I, represented by supervisors, am supposed to scrutinize limited funds (collected taxes) for entities barking for money. More information, more assistance, more funding is made available to more people, now a majority of people in California, than any time in history. We have tipped. What can taxpayers do? Taxpayers have been perhaps too quiet, for too long. We are a long-suffering and generally quiet lot. We are deeply uneasy with California V. 2.011. I suggest we begin with a trim, perhaps live within our means. Our already-high taxes need be raised no further, just a little less of what we already pay for. Seniors, what do you think? John Miller, Newcastle