Teach children historical facts

Reader Input
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Regarding the letter titled, “History based on deeds, not sexuality,” Reader Input, July 24. As I was reading Elaine C. Ashton’s editorial comments on Sunday I realized there is an excellent chance that I am a lesbian. I love women. I was raised with them. My mom was one. Then there are my sisters, female friends over the years, teachers, some of my co-workers, daughter, heck, I even married one. I love them in all sizes, small, large, wide, skinny just doesn’t seem to matter to me. After putting a little thought into this history-based-on-deeds idea, I realized that in fact there have been some contributions made by our gay and lesbian community so let’s take a look here. First of all, it has been proven that we can have sex and slap God in the face at the same time. Yes, we can attempt to change the definition of marriage and take our society down just a bit more in the process. Yes, we can have two moms or dads and raise a couple kids and try to convince the community that you are just as normal as the rest of us. Yes, you can have parades and Gay Pride Week, march down the streets with goofy signs proclaiming that you are just a normal part of society. Wrong. If you want to be different than the rest of us, that is your business. I will never interfere in your life and will respect the decisions that you make for yourself, however let us save history and the education of our children to the events that are, in fact, historical. God gave us the rules to live by in the Bible and unless I’m missing something the gay and lesbian community did not make the cut. You want to make the history books then do something worthwhile. Marching down the street with pink signs just ain’t going to get it. Michael Keeffe, Auburn