Teacher logs years of service

Reader Input
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I know that many people in Auburn have never been recognized for what they do for the community. But I would like to recognize my wife, Denise Gessaro, who has been teaching for Placer County here in Auburn. She teaches children with autism. Denise began her heartfelt goal of teaching children with disabilities while in high school. She was a volunteer at Camarillo State Hospital working with children with many different disabilities. After our marriage she worked as a special education aide for Kings County schools. During my days finishing college, Denise was a special education aide for Los Angeles City schools, working with the developmentally disabled, deaf and blind children. After moving to Santa Maria she worked as a special education aide for that school district from 1982 until 1994. Then David Sanchez, president of the California Teacher’s Association, encouraged Denise to go back to college. She graduated from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo in 1995. She continued to teach severely handicapped children in the Santa Maria schools. Denise took every course available related to autism, and with this knowledge and skill, she moved to Auburn where she has been teaching children with autism for Placer County of Education. Denise will be retiring this June with 38 years of volunteering and teaching children with disabilities. MIKE GESSARO, Auburn