Tevis Ride – A discussion

Reader Input
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I’m pretty sure most of us would agree that care for our animals (especially the overall health and well-being) is equal to that for our children. We decry coaches who call for sport practice in the heat of the day, obviously, citing health concerns. Yet, Auburn has an “Endurance Race” for horses (and riders) in mid-August, when at the peak of this “endurance”, the temperature is 90 to 100-plus degrees! Even with umpteen vet checks, horses have been approved to continue, but had health crises (some serious) within a half-mile of that vet approval. Further, in the “spirit” of endurance, if horses do not meet the “cut-off” times at check points, they are dropped from the race, instead of it being an over-all timed event (possibly 24 hours). Any chance the good endurance race officials could at least discuss moving the calendared date earlier or later? Dear “Buckle” officials: It’s time to perhaps re-define what you all term endurance. Terri De Shon, Auburn