Tevis a test of real athletes

Reader Input
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Regarding last week’s letter titled “Perhaps horses are getting lazy,” (Reader Input, Oct. 13). Really, you can’t be serious. Of course a horse can walk in the snow. Did it ever occur to the reader that the reason for rerouting Tevis was in the best interest of the horse and rider? Of course everyone wants to win a buckle, but not at the expense of injuring a horse or rider in the snow. These horses and riders are supreme, elite athletes. I found Mr. (Knight) Wagner’s statement, “I weigh 230 pounds and I think I could have rode a pony and won a buckle” to be of great insult to all of those who have the dedication and discipline to train so extensively to be able to compete in the Tevis Cup ride. The love they have for their horses and the sport is truly unmeasurable. Marianne Langton, Greenwood