Thank God for Fox News

Reader Input
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This president and administration have lied to the people they are supposed to represent, both Democrats and Republicans. This administration is either very incompetent or very calculating in its destruction of this country, the economy and capitalism. This president has stated that we will know who he is by the people he surrounds himself with and the people he admires. These people are proclaimed socialist, Marxist and communist. Their agenda is to keep you dummied up so you will blindly follow them and not have a thought of your own. We need to have balance back in government. They work for us. Also thank God for Fox News, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly. No one can disprove the facts they state. As for the tea parties, there are Democrats, Republicans and Independents. Count me in if this is what it’s going to take to save this country and our freedoms. Without capitalism we will be no better than a Third World country. It is time to quit spending money we don’t have. This is a ruthless administration, even to Democrats who don’t go along with their program. We all need to wake up and be aware of what is happening to us all. Get involved. DIANA PRYOR, Foresthill