Thank you to all teachers who inspire

Reader Input
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As I watch my daughter’s high school career wind down I am reminded of all the wonderful teachers/coaches that she has been so fortunate to encounter over the years and I wanted to thank the ones that have truly made a difference in her life. To me a good teacher/coach is someone who finds a way to inspire every student/player to be the best that they can be; they find a way to be a mentor and a leader. Effective teachers/coaches are empathetic, creative, they encourage and empower kids, and they themselves are continual learners, always wanting to do the best they can do. These individuals are able to help students/athletes become leaders themselves and prepare for the future as successful members of our society. They don’t play games, they don’t create drama, they are straight-shooters, who guide kids with patience, understanding and knowledge, they gain their respect, they don’t demand it, and in return the student/athlete respects them for who they are, not just because they are a teacher or a coach. I want to say thank you to those teachers and coaches who have helped guide my daughter to become the confident and remarkable young women she is blossoming into. You know who you are; you are the ones who these students/athletes come back to for advice, the ones they will talk about 20 years from now. So thank you for your patience, understanding and guidance. Tammy Farrow-Semons, Auburn