Thank you, kindly, unknown Auburnite

Reader Input
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I received $50 cash inside an envelope addressed to “veteran” on Wednesday morning (July 27) in the parking lot of the Depoe Bay Coffee Shop in Auburn. Inside was a note: “Thank you for your service to our country. Keep praying in the name of our Lord.” No signature. No business card. A very nice gesture, indeed! I am a recently laid off, disabled veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom. I worked for the state Employment Development Department’s “Operation Welcome Home” program, trying to secure employment for fellow veterans, and refer them to people and places for their priority needs such as education, healthcare, housing and more. I had scheduled an appointment that day to see Kathy Partak, a veteran’s wife who is also seeking work. She has real estate and mortgage experience and I was referred to her for possible home loan modification assistance. I left the coffee shop, walked out to my car and saw this envelope on my driver’s side window. The only person I had spoken to was this gentleman who described himself as a Placer County Water Agency employee in Auburn. There could not have been anyone else who would have written this note! I sure needed the money alright, but I never asked for a cent from anyone. It was the nicest gesture to happen to me, especially after having been laid off from my job on June 30. I used the money for gasoline to get home to Sacramento. In this economy, with high joblessness, tight government budgets, continued layoffs and so much bad news, it was the kindness of an anonymous stranger which ironically brought me out of an unemployed post-traumatic layoff shock! This individual and the folks at Placer County Water Agency restored my faith, for the moment, in my fellow human beings. God bless you PCWA, and God bless all of you kind-hearted Auburn folks! You are living in the midst of a rare and valuable nugget today: a community which lives by that old saying, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto yourself.” Veterans just want a hand up, not a handout. Andrew G. Sullivan, Sacramento