Thanks — strap on your helmet

Reader Input
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Rex Maynard and Becky Morris want to publically express our hearty thanks and deepest appreciation (“Mountain biker flown out of canyon,” Journal, Aug. 20) first to Jon Hartman, good friend and Rex’s riding buddy that day, who climbed down the embankment, stayed with Rex and got the ball rolling; secondly, to fire/rescue crews, ambulance crew, CHP helicopter crew, and Scott Liske, Auburn State Recreation Area managing ranger.
His rescue, assessment and transport out of the American River Canyon following a mountain biking accident was quick and expertly executed.
We also wish to thank so many friends, Robie Point neighbors and people in the community who have called, sent cards, offered and provided help and support since his accident.
He is now home and mending quickly.
Rex has a word of advice to all people who get on a bike: “Always wear a helmet. It could save your life and your brain. It saved mine.”
Rex Maynard and Becky Morris, Auburn