Their "Mailbox" dispenses dreck

Reader Input
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To Annie?s Mailbox ? Dear whoever you really are: I just had to respond to the advice given in your column saying that someone needs to see a psychiatrist and now to a person who wrote about how Vitamin E had helped get rid of her hot flashes. You said that people should be so careful in recommending natural remedies, etc., etc. It?s infuriating to read such garbage. It?s bad enough that we have to endure the propaganda from the AMA, psychiatry and the corrupt FDA (and their bosses, the drug companies) about how wonderful drugs are and how dangerous vitamins are. I would love to see the statistics compared of people who have gotten very ill or died from drugs as compared to being very ill or dying from taking vitamins! I have sent you a DVD in the past which exposes the truth about psychiatry and its mind-altering, violence/suicide producing, addictive drugs but you obviously never bothered to watch it. However, you continue to give advice on mental health, which you obviously know nothing about and now nutrition, which you also know nothing about. There is plenty of authenticated, proven research data out there contrary to what you continually advocate. Regarding the psychotropic drugs and ?mental health experts? you love to tell people to go to, all you have to do is go to CCHR (Citizens Commission on Human Rights) and check out their website and all of the videos that show the ?Industry of Death? ? psychiatry, their history and practices. But, no ? you will not look at the truth. That?s bad enough but that?s your choice if you refuse to educate yourselves. However, I consider it criminal to be using the newspapers to push the AMA and psychology and drug companies? lies. I can only conclude that you are also in their pocket or you would get yourselves educated on a subject before you give out ?advice? on it. Enough is enough. MARCIA WINBORNE-GRAVEN, Auburn