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Reader Input
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I appreciate the Auburn Journal publishing the article on Sunday, Jan. 16 about the 4th District Assembly race to provide voters an opportunity to compare the candidates. However, I would like to point out a few facts not mentioned about Col. Michael Babich. As a friend of Babich and his campaign, I noticed the article did not mention (all of) his credentials in the field of education. In Babich’s profile, in addition to his current job as co-founder and vice president of Mission Therapeutics (where he is a NIH Small Business Innovative Research grant awardee), he also has faculty appointments at UC Davis as well as Heald and Sierra colleges. Also not mentioned was that he further trained as a postdoctoral scholar at the internationally esteemed University of California, San Francisco. Dr. Babich has received multiple recognitions for his career in education, including the “My Favorite Teacher” award from the Northern California Federation of Republican Women. Babich has experienced the problems that exist in education first-hand and knows what it takes to fix them. Because education overhaul is an important issue facing California, his credentials and experience make him most qualified to make decisions and introduce ideas for education reform. Mike Hanson, Auburn