Think local; yes on Measure L

Reader Input
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I fully understand taxpayers’ frustration with the way our government spends our hard-earned money and continually wants more of it, which results in people voting no on any new taxes regardless if a measure is worthy. During the session on education and technology, our Leadership Auburn class was educated about the factual, bleak reality that California schools are in a crisis due to the enormous amount of budget cuts. California schools are among the hardest hit in the United States. Yes, Measure L is another tax, but all of this money will stay in Auburn. Our local schools will have control over this money, not the government. Measure L will benefit everybody in our community: our children, teachers and you due to your property value. Our government does need to fix this mess we are in, but in the meantime our local schools need our help immediately until they get their act together. Think of it as donating to our schools $59 a year over the next five years. It is not a tax that you will be beholden to forever. Measure L deserves your thoughtful consideration, not just a blanket no vote because it is another tax. Please consider voting yes on Measure L for the betterment of our community! Teresa Kenworthy, Auburn