Throw a bone to Old Town Auburn

Reader Input
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At the same time it approved more than a million dollars to fund the second phase of the Downtown redevelopment project cloaked under the guise of “Streetscape,” the Auburn City Council (acting as the Auburn Urban Development Authority) balked at funding a paltry $50,000 to pave an eyesore of a parking lot at Old Town Auburn’s front door ... the Procissi property near the Maple Street off-ramp at I-80. This is the same City Council that virtually tripped all over itself in an attempt to muscle through a hideous $60,000 electronic billboard to be erected at the Maple Street exit ... an initiative that was quashed because of the negative reaction from across the city. And with the exception of Dr. Bill Kirby, this is the same City Council that approved a $72,000 parking study that informed the populace that we have “plenty of parking in Auburn.” Now, the total expenditure for Streetscape will hit $3.2 million, of which exactly $0 has been spent in Old Town. Of this amount, $50,000 represents a miniscule 1.6 percent. So, come on guys, throw us a bone and take care of the Procissi lot. You can find the money by harvesting a half-dozen of the 22 light poles in Central Square for reuse in Streetscape Phase II. Gary A. Moffat, Auburn