Thumbs-up to police citizens? academy

Reader Input
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I recently completed the spring session of the citizens? awareness academy program which consisted of 10 days, three hours a day, once a week, and is sponsored by the Auburn Police Department. I believe every citizen of our community, if at all possible, should attend one of these sessions and receive the very important and educational information about our law enforcement units. This program provides transparency regarding our law enforcement agencies and promotes citizen advocacy. The schedule included policies and procedures, tours of our police department, county jail (very interesting) and informative talks on the patrol procedures, volunteer program, drugs and DUI, gangs, fraud/ID theft, counterfeit and sessions by the DA?s office, high-risk response unit, weapons, including a day at the firing range, technology and animal control. It ended with a great session by the FBI?s Special Agent Herb Brown on that department?s background and terrorism awareness throughout our country and the world. I must say that this experience has brought considerable insight into our law enforcements? actions, duties, procedures and overall protection that they bring to our city, county and country. The program was very well put together by our Chief of Police, John Ruffcorn, and his staff including the volunteers of the Auburn Police Department. Thank you Chief John Ruffcorn, and kudos to you and your staff. Joseph Rodrigues, Auburn