Tibetan prisoner story clarified

Reader Input
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Re: “Lhamo Tso brings fight for husband’s freedom to Auburn,” (Journal, April 8): Thank you for the important story of Lhamo Tso. It is invaluable coverage; however, a few corrections are in order. It is feared that the Chinese government officials who may read this article may take out their frustrations about its misinformation on the wrongfully-imprisoned Wangchen, causing him to suffer further.
Note that along with Wangchen, his helper was actually Golog Jigme, not Jigme Gyatso.
Per Lhamo Tso, Dhondup is not actually “manufacturing bricks and concrete” any more. His work hours were reduced and prison job changed to “needle-cutter.”
The article incorrectly attributes Wangchen as receiving political asylum in Switzerland, when that was actually his cousin, Gyaljong Tsetsrin, who received it.
Also, to be accurate about the updates Lhamo Tso receives, note that except during the politically sensitive month of March, she receives an update about Wangchen once a month from Wangchen’s sister. The problem is that she cannot believe them because they often describe his condition as healthy and fine and don’t give much information. Please help her.
Giovanni Vassallo, San Francisco
Editor’s note: The original information reported by the Journal and cited in this letter was provided by Sierra Friends of Tibet.