Tiger Woods human after all

Reader Input
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In reply to Kathleen Parker (Another View, Dec. 3): Oh, you are naive. Are we to pity poor Tiger Woods? Please, where have you been all your life? Sure, there are a few good men. These guys maybe are the smarter ones. They have a family and truly have forsaken all others for the wife. But take your average man, bestow upon him incredible wealth and status, and this is important, opportunity, and being faithful is difficult. Truth be told, if you are young and randy, you don’t always think with the stuff that is between your ears. I really could not care less what Tiger does with his life, but if the lady says she has many text messages, and Tiger is already being apologetic, it doesn’t take an Einstein to put one and one together. The familiar cannot compete with the imagination of the exotic and unknown. The grass is always greener. Forbidden fruit is always sweeter. Tiger blew it. Guess he’s human, after all. Tony Hallas, Foresthill