Time to ban rodeos

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Rodeos must be banned for the horrendous cruelty they inflict on animals. Bucking animals have to be flank strapped, spurred, and often electrically shocked. If not, they won’t “perform.” Occasionally, an animal is so traumatized it’s frozen in fear (“chute stalling”). That’s when the folks sitting on the chute rails bring out their electrical shock devices and secretly, although gladly, apply current to the helpless animal. No rancher ever treated livestock the way rodeo tormentors do, so it’s a lie to call it “tradition” or culture. It may be mafia and rodeo thug tradition, but it’s unacceptable in a civilized society. No calf ever bolts straight out of a chute in a full panic run unless it’s been terrorized. It’s a lie to say rodeo animals are treated well. Many are on their way to slaughter. The stock provider does not care about a broken bone or other injuries, as long as they can be hidden and don’t have to be treated. City officials and civic organizations need to call for an end to barbaric rodeo events and the mob mentality that fuels them. Randall Cleveland, Newcastle