Time to lose some naivete

Reader Input
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So the government takes from the rich to give to the poor (Reader Input, Jan. 3)? Get a clue. All taxation ends up in the hands of the rich: Bloated defense contracts (Lockheed), foreign aid (Halliburton), Medicare (pharmaceutical giants). Government-funded teacher, police and firemen salaries are deposited with the mortgage companies and the Wal-Marts. Even welfare dollars wind up at Safeway, PG&E and the landlord’s pocket. Without government spending, rich freeloaders would all go broke. Democracies as well as dictatorships can be socialistic or capitalistic. The founding fathers never specified capitalism as our economic system and, in fact, guaranteed that the government would run the military and regulate commerce. The statement that capitalism is a system where each person “had a chance to be anything he wanted” is utterly naive. When it comes to wealth and success, the adage “it takes money to make money” is far more valid. The fallacious comment that all of Obama’s plans have failed is in contradiction to the fact that he inherited a system in deep crisis and has managed to prevent its wholesale collapse, despite the foot-dragging criticisms of conservatives and rich scam artists who caused the problem in the first place. Jim Beall, Sr., Auburn