Time to speak up

Reader Input
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I have been a California-born American all of my life. I remember hiding under my desk during the Cuban missile crisis. I remember my friends who didn’t come back from an ill-conceived war in Vietnam. I have witnessed floods and wildfires right here in Northern California, some which actually threatened my home. I have never been as afraid of the future as I am today. The pampered few, extremely rich corporate heads and bankers, have hijacked our political system. Our elected officials serve them and them alone. The 9 million lost jobs and the eventual collapse of the economic system was the result of 30 years of hard work by both major parties. Now, they have us hating each other because of deals struck decades ago! Tax breaks for the rich have been in place for years, but still no jobs created. All the institutions that we hold dear have been gutted. Education, public safety, transportation and the environment that sustains us are all on the chopping block. The new elite are not Americans, they are multi-nationals. Stand up, take a deep breath and let your voice be heard. PAUL PIERCY, Colfax