Time to start leader recalls

Reader Input
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California’s Republican legislators are afraid of putting a tax extension measure on the June ballot and letting the people decide on whether to extend the current higher tax rates. Extending higher taxes would decrease the $26 billion deficit by almost half, and keep needed services intact. Instead, Republicans are doing their usual “no, no and no” to the tax extension measure. Their solution is to either blow out the deficit even larger, or effectively force huge budget cuts to vital state services and education all Californians need, yet guarantee that the wealthy will get their tax cuts. I’d like to know how this “trickle-up economy” has been working for everyone these past 10 years. Maybe it’s time to start some recalls. Our Republican legislators should start watching what’s been happening to Republican legislators in other states, like Wisconsin. There, Republicans are facing massive recall efforts for approving draconian budget cuts to the state, and denying state workers the right to collective bargaining, while letting Wisconsin Governor (Scott) Walker give away millions of state dollars in tax cuts to big corporations, rather than fixing the budget deficits they decry! Jane O’Leary, Auburn