Time travel via recycling center

Reader Input
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After reading the story about the recycling center on Sacramento Street (“Recycling gets boost from weak economy,” Journal, July 22), I decided to give them a shot. When I pulled up, there was a line going out of the yard and into the street. I thought this was a good sign. The vehicle two spots in front of me was a United States Postal Service delivery truck. I felt sorry for the guy, to have to wait in line so long just to deliver the mail. Then, when it was his turn, he walked out of the vehicle in full uniform, reached in the back, and took out two letter boxes full of crushed cans and bottles! He was recycling a dollar or so worth of containers on our (taxpayers’) dime. When it was my turn to empty my vehicle, the employee tasked to help had a cigarette hanging from his lips, just inches from my face! I thought that I had traveled 20 years back in time. It’s 2009 folks. Let’s get with the times, and act like it is California, in the 21st century – not some Southeastern backwater of generations past. Jason Teague, Auburn