Tom McClintock has little time for constituents

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California’s Congressional 4th District Rep. Tom McClintock is an excellent representative for the Republican party and all their Political Action Committees, far better than he is for those of us who live in the District. So far in this campaign he has raised over $1 million, thanks to his Republican fellow candidates and the 4th Congressional District has seen little of it. Where did McClintock get his money? Most of it from Lobbyist, Financial advisers and big energy. Only $20,550 (1.9 percent) came from businesses and individuals who live and work in the 4th district. He did get $76,700 (7 percent) from businesses and individuals who live in Southern California, where he legislated as a State Senator. McClintock used that money for more important things than to come around to the rural areas in his district. He paid Rico Oller $9000 to do research for his campaign, which I find strange because Oller couldn’t get past the primary when he ran for Congress. McClintock has also paid Devin Nunes $2000. That’s not surprising because McClintock join Nunes on January 25, in Bakersfield for a “Special Town Hall Meeting” about how Kern County could get access to California’s delta water—some of District 4’s water. McClintock also paid his fellow Congressman Kevin McCarthy from Bakersfield over $800 to charter a plane. I guess the $12,000 air fare wasn’t enough. McClintock also gave $2000 to a fellow resident of Elk Grove, David Harmer who is running for a Congressional seat “outside” of the district he lives in. (Sound familiar? It has worked for McClintock so far. He still hasn’t moved in the 4th district, and doesn’t look like he intends to.) McClintock also paid the House Conservative Fund in Florida $2500, Tedisco, who is running for Congress in NY, $2000, and Antonio Amador in Rancho Santa Marga $2000 to name a few of his Republican friends he’s helped. That will come in handy when he’s asking for votes to get on chairmanships. Political Dynamics in Sacramento received over $94,000 for campaign advice. I guess Oller wasn’t able to help McClintock enough. The interesting part is that when McClintock filled out his “Statement of Candidacy” on March 2008 he used the same address, even the same office as the consulting business, Political Dynamics. McClintock did give a $1000 each to some of the district’s Republican Central Committees in the district he represents, but the biggest chunk of his contributions $177,000 went to the National Republican Congressional Committee in Washington D.C. listed as “Unneeded funds.” I asked the McClintock people when he is going to come to our area. I was told he was too busy working in Washington to schedule anything at this time. Yet he can find to campaign for Harmer, Lungren and Nunes, but he doesn’t have time to come an see the voters, hear their issues? Like I said, McClintock is a great representative “for” the Republicans. He doesn’t really need us. Pat Snelling, Garden Valley