Too late for pointing fingers

Reader Input
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I’d like to present some facts in response to (Fred and Judy) Barth’s note (Reader Input, Nov. 16) with respect to Jerry Brown and the Democrats having done something bad to the state. The fact is Jerry Brown was fiscally responsible during his tenure as governor. He favored a Balanced Budget Amendment. He opposed Prop. 13 because it moved the responsibility for local funding to the state. When the proposition passed, he heavily cut state spending, and, along with the Legislature, reallocated a portion of the state surplus to meet the proposition’s requirements and help offset the revenue losses which made cities, counties and schools more dependent on the state. His actions in response to the proposition earned him praise from Prop. 13 author Howard Jarvis who went so far as to make a TV commercial for Brown just before his successful reelection bid in 1978. We no longer have a state surplus because of the present financial meltdown. Local jurisdictions have no power because of Prop. 13, and government-funded services like schools and roads are deteriorating because they require real money which comes from taxes. It is time we act like grownups and address the real problems we have instead of pointing fingers. Mark Rosen, Auburn