Tough to trust government

Reader Input
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Social Security established 1934. It’s broke. U.S. Postal Service — 1775, it’s broke. Fannie Mae — 1938, it’s broke. Medicare-Medi-Cal — 1965, they’re broke. Freddie Mac — 1970, it’s broke. War on Poverty started in 1964, 45 years and $1 trillion each year, hasn’t worked. Cash for Clunkers, 2009 and most cars sold were Japanese so a good percentage of profit goes overseas. Probably going to cost the tax payers $3 billion, isn’t that sweet! That’s 100 percent failure rate of “services” shoved down our throats. Now the Ranting Ron’s want to put the government in charge of health care. Should we really believe the government can be trusted with 17 percent of our economy? Are we crazy or is it just the Ranting Ron’s that don’t get it? Mike Michaelsen, Auburn