Trainer turns fitness into business

MzFITT specializes in circuit, TRX classes
By: Gloria Young Journal Staff Writer
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Auburn resident Cara Steinmann developed a weight and exercise regimen that worked so well for her, she decided to make it a full-time career. Steinmann started her MzFITT classes and personal training program earlier this year at Pamelot Dance Studio. FITT stands for functionally integrated timed training. “All the exercises are functional,” Steinmann explained. “They revolve around exercising core and balance, and using a lot of muscles at one time. I’ve adapted it in combination with one-minute interval (training) and cardio bursts. You’re burning more calories in a shorter period of time.” Steinmann graduated from Placer High in 1998, attended Sierra College for three years and then earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology from UC Davis in 2003. After becoming a mother, she not only didn’t shed the extra pounds, but continued to put on weight. “I was 200 pounds for about three years,” she said. “Then I learned about clean eating and my head wrapped around what it means to be fit. It means living a better life, no matter what size you are.” Once she changed her diet and began exercising, Steinmann started seeing results. She continued on to become a certified personal trainer. “I lost all the weight and then some,” she said. “I’m even smaller than I was before I had my child.” When her friends began asking her to help them accomplish their fitness goals, she opened her own fitness business. “There’s so much misinformation on diet and exercise,” she said. “I didn’t want to see any of my friends go to through the same things I had gone through.” Steinmann offers timed circuit training and TRX (suspension training) classes daily and one-on-one personal training assistance by appointment. Suspension training involves the use of nylon straps that can be suspended from the ceiling, a door or even wrapped around a tree. “It’s all core all the time,” Steinmann said. “No matter what muscles you’re trying to isolate, your core is involved all the time supporting your body. You’re challenging your balance.” The program is adjustable for any fitness level, she said. Auburn resident Charity Young has been taking classes from Steinmann since the business opened in January. “I attend every one of them,” Young said. “She’s a friend of mine. When she started her journey into this new fitness lifestyle, I was behind her 100 percent and I was excited about it. I’ve only missed two sessions since it started.” Young does both the circuit and the TRX training. “It’s challenging but very rewarding,” she said. “I do a little more cardio intensity when I’m on the circuit. Then when I go to the TRX, I concentrate more on strength and core training. My strength has increased. My balance has increased. My confidence has increased. I’m very happy in the morning. I might get (to the exercise classes) a little tired and grumpy. But 10 minutes in, we’re laughing and singing along.” The circuit-training classes are $5 drop-in. TRX classes are $10 drop-in. Personal training classes are $65, with a discount if purchased as a package. Steinmann’s own personal training regimen includes lots of racquetball as well as circuit and TRX training, she said. “Everything I teach my clients are exercises I do myself,” she said. Reach Gloria Young at ---------- MzFITT What and when: Circuit training classes at 10 a.m. Monday-Friday ($5 per class) TRX classes at 11 a.m. Monday-Friday ($10 per class) Personal training by appointment Where: Offered at Pamelot Dance Studio, 540 Wall St., Auburn For more information: see website or call (530) 308-2554