Trains rattle the windows

Reader Input
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Re: “New train in Auburn?”(Journal, Oct. 19) I live in Auburn next to the train tracks, and I think that we should not get another train. I only say that because it is really annoying hearing the train go by every 20 minutes. My mom and I always have to stop our T.V. because you can’t hear over any of the noise. One other reason is that all of the windows shake. They shake so badly that one of the windows is about to fall out. Some people think it’s going to be good having a second train, but they probably don’t live by the train tracks, although it might be good for the people that can’t go on the train because it is full. One other reason it’s not a good thing though, is that it will back up traffic even more, because all of those safety barriers that drop down when a train comes are going to clog traffic up more than it already is. And, all the money that is going to pay for it is the money coming from the taxpayer’s pocket. DEVAN KEITH, student, Auburn