Treat terrorists like terrorists

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Shirley Pooley (Journal, June 10), was not attacked and does not need defended. I responded to her convictions that our country is wrong and is torturing terrorists (Journal, June 12). I repeat, water boarding is not torture, aside from what some has-been disc jockey said. The two terrorists who were water boarded did undergo a mental change. They revealed valuable information because they believed they could be hurt. It does not seem to matter to people who responded to my comments, that these terrorists gruesomely torture innocent people. This naive outlook is suicide. It is not their personal suicide that bothers me, rather the suicide of our way of life. I don’t want to live an eighth-century lifestyle (my husband served his military obligation in Peshawar, Pakistan observing this culture first hand). I am not a right-wing lunatic, but a logical person who gets as many facts that I can. I don’t line up behind the liberal thought process. Ignore the facts, be ill prepared and you will pay. Do you really think we can just talk to terrorists? Are you nuts? Look at how Iran and Korea are acting after talking. Actions speak loud and clear. And not the action of uninviting the enemy from attending our Independence Day party. That’s action? In Foresthill, I dare say we do have quite a mix of beliefs just like Auburn. Foaming of the mouth doesn’t seem to be prevalent here, but fresh air and pine scent does. Drive up, rejuvenate and clear the brain. You can think more clearly. Donna and Ed O’Neal, Foresthill