Try this in the new year

Reader Input
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This year, instead of making the same new year’s resolutions that you have made before, such as lose weight, quit smoking or exercise more, try something different. Make a resolution to treat everyone you meet with respect and a smile. Make a commitment to leave for work five minutes earlier every day so you can drive courteously and safely. Vow to not litter and to clean up after those who do litter. If you don’t already belong to a service organization, such as Kiwanis, Soroptomists or Lions, join one and help others. If you already belong to a group, join Toastmasters and learn to be a better public speaker and leader, so that you can represent your chosen service group better. This year, instead of trying to make yourself into a different person externally, focus on making the world we live in a better place. You’ll be surprised at the happy and different person you are at year’s end. Sandra Hewston, Grass Valley