Try to support family on teacher pay

Reader Input
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Placer County forces women to go on welfare; won’t support single working mothers. I have heard it before and now it has happened to me. I am a single mother of three, a proud single mother of three, born and raised third generation of Placer County. I work as a teacher and gross less than $2,000 a month, but I do work. I’ve been to school and love what I do. I can’t help it if our society doesn’t pay teachers what they’re worth (I notice superintendents make a sufficient portion to not work directly with children, the most important part of teaching). I have been denied assistance for child care (because my income is too high) even though I cannot afford it for three children under 5. Am I complaining? No. I want to fix this problem. I have asked for a leg up so I won’t have to quit and go on assistance, losing my rented little home, even losing my children if I were to be homeless. Why is that? Why is it when I get just a little ahead, I have the carpet wrenched out from underneath my feet and start from square one? We are facing two problems here, please don’t ignore it. Underpaid teachers (what’s new?) and a flawed system. Let’s problem solve this, shall we? Alicia Reynolds, Loomis