Unimproved areas soon to cost users

Reader Input
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The state government is stealing from us again! The state plans to start charging $10 per day daily user fees at a local favorite swimming hole, the Ponderosa Bridge area — at the bottom of a five-mile bumpy, tortuous, unimproved dirt road. It is a delightful place used mostly by locals for generations without huge “improvements” provided by the state: a single trash barrel and two outhouses. Adventurers enjoy the “risky” illegal 30-foot bridge leap to the deep aquamarine waters of the American River below — it’s elating. Families use the area extensively, ignoring the small number of drunks. Many of us pack out extra trash. The notion that the state can start charging folks to park along this rutted-out dirt road, leading to an unmaintained old bridge, is just outrageous. And goody for the whiners — we will have more rangers to stop folks from enjoying themselves. It’s a freedom issue. The state wants to charge daily fees for unimproved areas that locals have enjoyed free for decades, like parking areas at the Confluence Quarry Trail, Upper Lake Clementine, China Bar and now the Ponderosa Bridge. Save lots of money — get the state out of “managing” (restricting) our local unimproved public lands! Richard Dann, Auburn