Uninsured affect us all

Reader Input
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The population of the US is 301,000,000. The number of uninsured is 45,000,000. One out of six or seven people have no health insurance or better said no health care. Now let’s think about how this can effect you. Do uninsured people go to the doctor right away? No! This increases the chance that they will unknowing spread swine flu. Most people are OK but some die — oh well. How about that uninsured person who had a treatable condition six months ago but cost the public health 10 times as much later. Also they lost their house through bankruptcy which lowered your property values. Darn! We won’t bother ourselves with those stories about people like you who thought they were covered but their insurance company said, sorry sucker. Not gonna be you, right? When you get sick or unemployed can you pay COBRA? For how long? Will they ever insure you again? You bad, bad risk, you! So while you are spouting “Don’t Tread on Me” guess who’s their doormat as they walk that path of 450 percent profit increase in the last seven years? Feeling angry, used? When you add it up, everyone needs the public option Debra Polansky, Auburn