Universal health care is needed

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This is a pitch for a better form of universal healthcare. I took a good friend to the ER today because he has no medical insurance. The ER doc said he’s so sick that he’ll be admitted. The ER and hospital stays are very costly. The hospital will bill him, but he can’t pay, so the hospital will absorb the bill, thereby costing all of us a bit more and reducing funds for other beneficial services, like a birthing center. This is a guy who was a productive member of society, and is one of the better technologists I know. His illness prevented regular work, so he was unable to afford insurance. The ER may be the most expensive form of medical care. If he had insurance, he’d have gone to see his doc earlier for less costly preventive care. The bottom line is that if people are forced to rely on the ER as their last resort, medical care will be more costly to all of us. Or they suffer and die, absent proper medical care. Those who speak the loudest against universal health care are those who already have medical insurance. Ron PAITICH, Auburn