University plan is excuse to develop more land

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With developers and tribe making exorbitant campaign contributions, it’s getting easy for elected officials to put aside any integrity they may have started with and happily vote against what’s best for the community. The current Placer County university proposal slated for approval (Journal Point/Counterpoint, Oct. 19) is the epitome of the not-so-subtle “bribe” modus operandi: You rezone for me, and I’ll give you hope for a university (without any guarantees). In this egregious project, the current university has five years to decide if it wants to go ahead, or not. This is just one more shameful example of a county being run and taken over by developers. None of the necessary guarantees are in place to prevent another county fiasco. Placer County officials look like stooges who fit nicely in developer back pockets and whose votes are easy, especially at payback time. Developers and county officials will gladly ruin good agriculture land that could feed the region in order to bank hundreds of millions of profits. Ag land needs to stay zoned exactly as it is! How much more will we hear of bankrupt families with home foreclosures having to move to where they can rely on public transportation just to hold their jobs to pay the rent, if they are not already homeless. Sprawl does that to communities, but this star-struck county is looking the other way in order to give sugar daddy devs anything and everything they want, in exchange for a white elephant university that could be built anywhere else and save our ag lands. What a disgrace! Jim Cather Loomis