UPDATE: Electronics stolen during Placer High School roof break-in

Suspects allegedly enter through tower
By: Jon Schultz, Journal Staff Writer
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Auburn police suspect thieves broke into Placer High School and allegedly stole three projectors and two laptops sometime between Monday night and Tuesday morning, when it was reported, said Auburn Police Chief John Ruffcorn.

They allegedly entered through a tower that led to one classroom and broke a window to access another area, Placer High School Principal Peter Efstathiu said.

“Apparently they came in an old bell tower, broke into the access hatch and came down that way,” Efstathiu said. “That’s what we assume, because it looks like that’s what they did.”

The alleged thieves took about $5,000 worth of equipment from Spanish and French rooms in the school’s foreign language wing as well as an agriculture classroom, Efstathiu said.

The stolen laptops belonged to teachers, he said.

“Several students obviously were upset because it’s equipment that was used for them, and I think they’re bummed that their space they use for 90 minutes a day got violated as it did,” Efstathiu said. “The teachers themselves had to readjust a lesson plan they had in place.”

It is not known at this time how many individuals were involved with the break-in. Auburn police were still investigating the incident Tuesday afternoon, and no arrests had been made, Ruffcorn said.

“Essentially one of our teachers came to school this morning and noticed that her LCD projector that is used for classroom instruction and hooks to her computer had been taken, and upon further investigation, a few minutes afterward we noticed a window had been broken in a classroom that adjoins hers, and that teacher’s projector has been taken as well,” Efstathiu said. “As another teacher arrived to school, she noticed her projector and computers had been taken from her classroom.”

The computers had been taken from the agricultural classroom, he said.

“The teachers do their work on there,” Efstathiu said. “They do their grading and attendance on there. Thankfully, that process is done through an online program, so there isn’t any information on there for that.”

Students with information on the stolen equipment can contact Assistant Principal Steve Caminiti or Efstathiu, and flyers with details on a tip hotline will be displayed around the school, Efstathiu said. More information on the hotline was not available from the school Tuesday.

The building containing the bell tower formerly had been a theater on the old Sierra College campus, Efstathiu said. Currently, the tower is only used by custodians performing maintenance, he said.

“The school is going to have to figure out how to get some funds to order that equipment again,” Efstathiu said. “In the meantime, they will make do and be flexible to keep up with the instruction of their classroom.”


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