Update railroad tunnel, fence

Reader Input
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I was born and raised in Roseville and I have a major complaint against the current city council members and Union Pacific Railroad. My complaint has been with me for over 60 years. First complaint is the old little railroad tunnel on Washington Boulevard, which needs to be replaced due to the narrow roadway through the little old tunnel built in 1923. My second complaint is why don’t the city and Union Pacific put a solid iron fence on West Vernon Street to protect vehicles or people and children from having an accident over a little curb that is there now, which is very dangerous in the pathway of the railway tracks? And now they built new homes right past the old little tunnel. When this tunnel was built, Roseville only had about 3,000 people and now the city will be over 100,000. Southern Pacific and the city had a wooden sign fence about 5 feet high, on West Vernon Street, over 50 years ago. I just hope and pray these areas will be replaced, before a big accident happens in both of these areas. Mostly, all people hate to drive through that tunnel in West Vernon Street. Big cement and big trucks should be prohibited from driving through this small tunnel route. George Gino Barca, Roseville