U.S. consumer protection laws need a revamp

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In looking to curb the greed and corruption in America, we turn to our good neighbors of the north, Canada. Examining the Sale of Goods Act 1960 and amended Act of 1996, we find once all the legalese is set aside, the objective of this act is to make sure Canadians play nice and don't screw each other with dirty tricks and unfair business practices. When I think about some of the crooked mechanics we have taken our car to, and some appliances we have bought in the past, I was wishing America had a Fairness Act similar to Canada. Digging deeper, we discovered it does, and also, states like Ohio and Texas have their own version to supplement the federal regulations. But, it seems to us, due to wording and terminology Canada's Fairness Act is superior to its American counterpart in almost all respects. The United Fascist Union therefore proposes American consumer protection legislation be revamped and amended so it is more like the laws and regulations existing in Canada and it's provinces at present. Jack Grimes Presidential Candidate of the United Fascist Union Elkton, Md.