U.S. is nation of many religions

Reader Input
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It is curious that so many assert the United States is a Christian nation. Our founders realized the reason many fled Europe was because of religious persecution — that of one Christian belief aligned with a government persecuting another Christian belief. The wars of Europe between and among Catholics and the Protestants (of which there were several denominations) troubled that continent through the generations. There are differences between all denominations, so who would get the control in a Christian United States? All people are entitled to their religious beliefs without there being government influence in which religion or denomination is endorsed. The same people who complain about big government and how it should stay out of our personal affairs also state that the United States is a Christian nation. Our United States does not authorize any religion, nor should it. Belief (or not) is a personal affair, not one that should be established by any government. Harriett Bridges, Auburn