US once banned interracial marriage

Reader Input
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In response to Donald Adams’ letter titled, “Word of God the cornerstone” (Reader Input, March 19), I have to say I take great exception. Regardless of the fact that the Bible condemns homosexuality, it is a mute point. The First Amendment states that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion ... .” Our government cannot discriminate against gay people because the “the Word of God” condemns homosexuality. That would be to make laws on the basis of the Judeo Christian religions. Gay people should be insured that they have the same equal rights as any other person in our country. And those rights include the right to marry the person they love. Once our country banned interracial marriages, and it was later proved to be unconstitutional. I am sure that soon our government will see that to ban gay marriage is also blatantly unconstitutional. The Rev. Dr. Richard Reich, Auburn