US president earned vitriol

Reader Input
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Several letters recently have expressed concern over the tone some of the letters have taken regarding this current president and his administration. The letter writers have been accused of being too vitriolic and disrespectful. Respect must be earned. This administration itself has set the tone for the vitriolic diatribe, which has done nothing but incite class, gender and racial warfare. For example, the so-called war on women is something this administration has just made up out of nothing. There is absolutely no proof of a ?war on women? being carried out by the Republicans, but they?ll put it out there if it will get more women to vote for them. They don?t care about the animosity they?re creating. So how can anyone be shocked when you read the angry words coming from people who are just trying to make a decent living for themselves and their families? If you?ve managed to be successful this administration feels you should be taxed more heavily, even though you?ve worked very hard to become successful. People are fed up. They?re fed up with the pandering politicians who are leading us over a cliff. They?re seeing their nest eggs being devoured, their taxes going up, and more idiotic, expensive policies being put in place that we can?t afford. The silent majority is tired of taking it on the chin and they?re angry. Is anyone really surprised? Hope and change ? what a joke! CORRIN KRAUS, Applegate