Velocity addicts have own road

Reader Input
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I get very tired of the whiny, bicycle-bashing letters from people who seem to feel that the world should adjust itself to fit their convenience. They claim bikes are not safe, and in the name of “safety” they would ban a significant group of people from a basic right — that of free circulation and access to public roads. It is not the roads that are unsafe — it is the careless drivers in too much of a hurry to watch for others. For a thousand years, before there were any cars, there have been public roads that have always been open to all. And today, public roads remain open to all — to seniors with canes, moms with strollers, joggers, equestrians, skateboarders and bicyclists. It is the responsibility of motorists to drive in such a way that respects others’ right to the road as well as their own. This is the law — as well it should be. A significant part of our roadway system — the interstate highways — is already devoted to rushing motorists (of which I am sometimes one) and excludes all these other users. Let the velocity addicts who don’t want to look out for others drive there. But when you get off and drive in our community, please take care. William Smith, Auburn