Volunteers for animal foundation deserve praise

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I would like to tell the people in our community about a wonderful organization that helps our shelter animals. A New Hope Animal Foundation is a volunteer group that was started by Lynn Howe. She works so hard for these wonderful animals. Wendy Dapore, one of the volunteers, is another lady who never in a year and a half has missed going to the shelter and walking the dogs. There is much more than walking the dogs that are involved in this. There are so many wonderful volunteers in this organization that care so much about these precious animals. I do not think that the people in our community realize just what is being done at the shelter and the hard caring work that goes into this just to save these loved ones. Many of the volunteers not only have their own animals they also foster animals so that they have a chance in life when the kennels are full. I have watched some of them take money out of their own pockets to do for them. I would just like to ask people to come out to the shelter and adopt one of these precious dogs or cats. If you can't do that, then come and volunteer and give of your time, and if that does not work then give whatever dollar amount you can. My paws are crossed that all of you would take notice of what this group is doing to make a difference for our shelter animals. Bobbie Glover Auburn Editor's note: A New Hope Animal Foundation is at 5700 Val Verde Road in Loomis. Their phone number is (916) 652-4164.