Vote Jack Duran for county supervisor

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I am supporting Jack Duran who is running to unseat Rocky Rockholm in the District 1 Supervisor’s race. The election is next Tuesday, June 8th. You can learn about Jack at Rocky has been on the ropes since it came to light that he charged taxpayers for a $10,000 chartered jet to fly him to and from vacation in Utah for a meeting at Lake Tahoe, among many other tax payer related transgressions. He also flip-flopped on the huge Placer Vineyards development project, after initially supporting the “smart growth” SACOG high-density plan, he switched at the last minute and supported the largest sprawl-inducing development in County history — 14,000 single family dwellings!!! But he and his pals with big bucks are not going down without a fight. Recent campaign filings show that the Development community is pressing HARD at the last minute to save his job. As you know, Doug Elmets is a spokesman and highly paid PR person who works for the United Auburn Indians, and they have now contributed $10,000 (and counting) to Rocky’s campaign. Also, Rocky is using the same consultants (McNally/Temple) who ran the Clover Valley Yes on H campaign. Every Sacramento developer you can think of is sending in checks now. Ask yourself, Who will Rocky represent as supervisor? If you are interested in sensible, transparent government and would like to see this undue influence that the big money has in politics — that sided with Massey to run the dishonest Yes on H campaign against Clover Valley — please vote for Jack Duran for Supervisor. Let’s not put in someone like Rockholm who will do the bidding of his friends in big business. Jack’s got a great chance to win. The election is just a week away! Please join me in supporting Jack Duran for County Supervisor. Our quality of life here in Rocklin and the region is at stake. Elaine O’Deegan, Rocklin