Vote liberal for a life worth living

Reader Input
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In answer to Grant Shaw, (Reader Input, Sept. 26): What? The banks were drug, kicking and screaming, forced by government regulations (and liberals) to give mortgages to people who could never afford them? And did the bank failures have nothing to do with the banks dividing mortgages up and taking chances on this money in ways non-economists have a hard time understanding? It had nothing to do with bankers seeing an opportunity to make some bucks no matter who might get hurt? I’m sorry. I think banks and Wall Street need more regulation, not less! I’m tired of billionaires making money on the backs of the middle class and poor and putting our lives at risk. Do you know that the gap between the richest Americans and the poorest is the greatest it’s ever been? I believe that if a majority of Democrats do not win in November we of the middle class will be in serious trouble. Please, Democrats and those who want a life worth living, vote for liberals in November. Paulette Walter, Colfax