Vote no on Measure D

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My family has lived in North Auburn for 28 years and is concerned about our community?s safety, but raising our fire district fees without community input is troubling. Our local politicians and public employee unions seem to always see the answer is raising taxes with minimal input from the people that pay the taxes. The North Auburn/Ophir Fire District instituted a parcel fee over 20 years. Before I vote on an increase, it would be helpful to see how this money was spent, i.e. pensions, salaries and other items. Let?s have public input before another tax increase. Property taxes are to provide for local education, public safety and other necessities. With declining property values in our community, we, including our local public officials, have to adjust to our new financial reality. I urge a no vote on Measure D and would like to see how our current fees are being spent. I don?t want to be intimidated in voting for increased taxes. Richard Paulsen, Auburn