Vote out Obama

Reader Input
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President Obama’s added $5 trillion to the national deficit in four years, more than George Bush added in eight! With President Obama’s recent rant at the Supreme Court, it’s obvious he doesn’t believe in the “checks and balances” of our Constitution. The president’s unprecedented number of “executive orders” to impact economic and social issues also betray the president’s willingness to ignore our wishes, and flout the Constitution, voters and Congress. The Obamacare bill allegedly cost $900 billion. The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office now says it’ll cost more than $1.7 trillion. President Obama’s also stripping our military to the bone, cutting military assets to pre-World War II levels. This endangers American security and our capability to react to present or future global threats, threats which have done nothing but expand under his watch! President Obama’s recent revelation of top-secret information about Israeli bases in Azerbaijan also stopped any intelligence flow from our allies. They all know now the Obama Administration can’t be trusted! President Obama’s insistence on “green jobs,” massive waste in Solyndra, Tonopah Solar and other boondoggles have yet to be totaled, but are certainly in the tens of billions. President Obama’s refusal to allow oil drilling or approve the Keystone XL pipeline also spiked gas prices to more than $4 and climbing! And if you think his first term was bad, just wait until a “lame duck” president gets rolling! Vote him out! Rocky Warren, Colfax