Vote out that poser Obama

Reader Input
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Re: “Obama gets things done,” (Reader Input, Oct. 31). As usual, Ron Lowe is way off base with his assessment of Obama’s effectiveness as a leader. For starters, Guantanamo is not closed, at least, not yet. Doesn’t Ron wonder what will happen to all of those terrorists (who want to kill us) if, God forbid, Obama does actually close Guantanamo. I suppose we (the U.S.) can just let them roam free to kill and cause mayhem at will. As for tax cuts, the president merely was forced into not raising taxes on small businesses, which he still desperately wishes to do. Concerning the Iraq war (as well as Afghanistan), announcing to the enemy that they may now just bide their time until we walk away — that is a true recipe for disaster! Never in history has any nation decided to pull out troops for the sake of getting votes at home. This is one of the most boneheaded decisions of this poor excuse for a leader. On the subject of heathcare — Obamacare is a total disaster — otherwise, why would so many be getting waivers so that they don’t have to comply? (Check out the waivers Madame Left [Nancy] Pelosi has been handing out!) Also, let’s not forget Obama throwing our only true allies in the Middle East under the bus — Israel. This man has managed to put them in more danger than ever. Remember his support of the “Arab Spring” in Egypt? Some nice name for a violent uprising that will most assuredly bring the Muslim Brotherhood extremist terrorists to power in Egypt. The poor Israelis now have to contend with the Muslim Brotherhood as well as Hamas (in Gaza), who want only to destroy Israel. Yeah, Obama is doing quite a job in helping Americans turn on Americans ( the neverending class warfare vitriol), supporting the socialist, communist, anarchist fools who “Occupy Wall Street.” Wow, these are the “accomplishments” of a true “leader!” Poor Ron. What will you do when the sensible among us vote that poser out of office in 2012? Donna McCloskey, Auburn